Public strategy advice

Public Strategy Advice

N Gage Consulting offers you tailor-made communication tactics with a view to position your company as a strategic partner of choice to the key pertinent public entities and government institutions.

Government Relations Assistance

To enable your company to target the right stakeholders and adopt the proper engagement strategies, N Gage Consulting, provides periodical insights and analysis on the roles and mandates of the pertinent stakeholders, the decision making process, and the balance of power within different entities.

Public strategy advice
Business Lobbying

Business Lobbying

We communicate and execute the advocacy plans on your behalf, to help you ensure the sustainability of your business and deliver continuous profitable and sustainable growth.

Export Subsidy Reclaiming Support

Our export specialists will assist you in the assessment, screening, and capturing of all existing incentives and opportunities, with a view to optimize your financial returns, which can be refueled into your business operations to maximize your business value.

Export Subsidy Reclaiming Support


N Gage Consulting has launched a training and development program that is tailor made to induce your teams with the basics, do's and don’ts of government relations, as well as Export and Import Development program providing the trainees with a solid overview on Egypt's Free Trade Agreements.

Registration of Factories New!

In light of the Ministerial Decree 43/2016, N Gage Consulting currently supports companies in preparing and fulfilling all the required documentation to register the factories from which they import.

Our support does not stop at fulfilling the needed documents, but we also provide ongoing support to ensure that the registration process is finalized as soon as possible.
The full-fledged service includes:
  • Following the latest updates of the decree and any amendments taken.
  • Precisely collecting and organizing all information needed and identifying the required documents for the registration process.
  • Preparing and informing the client with the required registration documents.
  • Reviewing the documents and insuring that they comply with the requirements of the decree.
  • Identifying a key employee from N Gage Consulting to be responsible for providing the registration documents to the concerned entities. The employee will also be responsible for following up with the registration process and insuring that it shall be completed within the agreed timeframe.
  • Intervening in any problems that may arise during the registration process and work to resolving them.
  • Pressuring key personnel’s in charge to allow for the importation from given factories if their registration documents are being reviewed.
  • Keeping the client up to date by providing periodical reports on the developments in the registration process.
Factory Registration
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