Life at N Gage Consulting

We have just turned 3!

It is really the open culture that defines N Gage Consulting, a strong team spirit, an open door policy, simply a positive environment where individuals can learn and grow. We are a team of dynamic analytical individuals with great potential, each bringing in a different set of skills with both local and international experience.

The team has diverse expertise from deciphering government, predicting trade regulations, and developing business, to proficiency in languages including French, Spanish and even a bit of Russian and Chinese to cater to the international audience that we serve.

We consider N Gage Consulting to be a gem for career growth, an opportunity to practice on real life examples combined with proper knowledge and guidance.

The work we do pushes us to think out of the box and create tailored solutions for our clients. We work with top companies in each industry, making it a fruitful exchange, we get to see the organizations from top stance and find innovative ideas to achieve their strategies.

At N Gage Consulting we share common values on integrity, ethics, and accountability, all without losing our limitless comprehension and flexibility. N Gagians pursue interests in various fields from triathlons and Pilates on weekends to heated trivia challenges on lunch breaks.

Our team’s Testimonials

"N Gage Consulting succeeded to lobby with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and convinced the decision makers to release the blocked shipments that were shipped before the entry in to force of decree 991/2015 on 15th of March. Success is journey not a destination" Dr.Sherif Fahmy - Senior Manager

"N Gage Consulting's unique scope of work offers its employees a learning experience that cannot be imitated anywhere else. If anyone is keen on deeply understanding Egypt's complicated political structure, addressing the wide-ranging issues that the Egyptian private sector faces, and be given the mental and creative capacity to innovate and challenge these issues, then N Gage Consulting is the place to be." Ramy Taha – Research Analyst

“At N Gage Consulting, we make a real impact, a real gem in my eyes; for example we recently organized a workshop to facilitate a discussion between the private and public sector on the monetary policy and foreign exchange challenges that are facing Egypt. We compiled all the recommendations made by experts and businessmen during the workshop into a report that we sent to the leadership of the Central Bank of Egypt.” “N Gage Consulting have brought back 32 million EGP to our clients through the Export Subsidy Program. It is one thing to discuss change and it is another thing to be the change.” Rana Kamal - Junior Consultant

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