The N Gage Debates Sohour Series | Ramadan 2016

The N Gage Debates Sohour Series, provided a platform for strategic communication between the private sector and key policy-makers, by hosting a distinguished guest of honor over sohour in a very focused and targeted session (20-30 invitees).

On the 15th of June, 2016; the N Gage Debates hosted the first round of the Sohour Series, hosting Mr. Amr El Monayer, the Deputy Minister of Finance for Tax Policies; giving the private sector the chance of voicing their remarks on the imminent shift to the Value-Added Tax (VAT), as well as get acquainted with the main pillars of Egypt’s tax policy in the coming years.

The second round of the series was hosted on the 27th of June, with Mr. Ahmed Kouchouk, Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policy, as our guest of honor. This round witnessed discussions on the recently-submitted state budget for the fiscal year 2016/17, amid persistent and chronic challenges including the rising debt service, public wages and subsidy bill; and the relatively new challenges including the increasing pressure on the Egyptian Pound, the relative rise in the price of oil and the government’s ability to meet the constitutional obligations of spending on health, education and research. The government’s fiscal reform agenda and deficit targets were also discussed, as well as the expected external support from international institutions including the World Bank, African Development Bank and the IMF.

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